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About us

We introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturers and exporters of henna powder from Pakistan with an experience of 88 years in the field backing our portfolio. Our brand, Jamila Henna is popular around the world for its premium quality and standards.

Besides manufacturing of henna powder, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of  Musk Amber and due to its high quality standards we hold a strong position in the International market. Quality, vast variety of product line and commitment to supply the products in a timely fashion are virtues our company does not compromise on.

The journey of this business started in the year 1930 when Mr. Syed Qasim Ali laid down the foundation stone of henna business in his hometown, Faridabad, near New Delhi (India). He gained the honour of becoming the eminent exporter of henna powder within no time. In 1947, he migrated to Lahore, Pakistan after the partition of the Subcontinent, where this family run business continued to flourish. At that time, Pakistan was not acknowledged as a henna producing country. He put in great effort to encourage the native and newly-immigrant farmers to cultivate the henna plants. He succeeded in motivating some selected farmers of Mailsi near the ancient Multan city. With the passage of time, numerous farmers of the vicinity gained interest and started to plough the henna plants. Later he designed and installed a contemporary set up of grinding and cleaning of the henna leaves. With his commitment and hard work, he soon became the principal exporter of henna leaves and henna powder of the country.

This story of numerous endeavours converted into great success when Syed Abid Ali, son of Syed Qasim Ali, joined his father in 1958. He launched the idea of henna powder in packaged form for the first time in Pakistan in the year 1963 and advertised the same under the name of JAMILA. JAMILA Henna gained a remarkable response and a grand feedback from the whole world especially from North Africa (significantly from Algeria and Libya), Middle East Asia, United States of America and Europe.

In addition to providing henna of unparalleled quality to the Local and International Market, Mr. Ali established Abid & Company as a sister firm in 1968 as a Sole Proprietorship Concern. The notion of doing this was to help promote the Cosmetic Industry in Pakistan, which was in a state of infancy at that time. The goal before the company was to help the local entrepreneur in the manufacturing of cosmetic items such as hair oils, perfumes, creams, shampoos, lotions and make up items. With the technical assistance provided by the company’s several French, Swiss and Dutch suppliers of raw materials, it became easier to explore a new dimension in the field of cosmetics.

In 1973, the company was incorporated as a private limited company and the area of technical assistance was considerably enlarged. Many of the customers were now in a better position to make use of company’s contacts abroad and could procure high quality raw materials, perfume bases and allied products at an economical price. The company extended service to its many clients through its well-equipped laboratory located inside the Head Office and provided raw materials through its various sale outlets all over Pakistan. Today, this business is flourishing to the entire satisfaction of several domestic and foreign clients. Later, through continuous research and development, the company succeeded in manufacturing Musk Amber which is a unique combination of waxes and aromas.

In 1990, the third generation; Syed Salman Ali, Syed Rizwan Ali and later Osman Ali, joined their father as Directors of the Company. By the Grace Of Almighty Allah, our Henna Powder and Musk Amber have retained the high standards and excellence in the Local and International Markets since eight decades.