Henna Jamila

 A very popular brand in the whole world, made from very fine henna leaves. Famous for its extra softness that makes its application easier. Next time, you choose henna powder for hair dyeing and conditioning or for body art of artificial tattooing, try these products.

Uses of Henna Powder

Processing of Henna Plants

Musk Amber

From the time of Pharaohs of the Egypt to the date Musk has remained the king component in perfumery. Natural Musk, unfortunately, is too expensive and out of reach of a common man but our Amber Solid and Amber Concrete are made from using a unique combination of waxes and aromas and faithfully duplicates the characteristics of the genuine product. Despite its use as deodorant, Amber is extensively been used as air freshener, for aromatherapy and is also used to burn for beautiful scent.