Henna Powder Jamila (Body Art Quality) 100Gms

Jamila Henna Powder (Body Art Quality) 250gms

  • Size: 100 grams
  • Chemical free & 100% natural
  • Certified on international standards for body use
  • Super sifted to produce the purest grade of paste

Jamila Henna is a well-known brand that has made a market for itself internationally due to the purity of the product and the superior quality standards applied in its purification and refinement. Jamila Henna is made from very fine henna leaves, famous for its soft texture that makes it very easy to manage and apply the product.

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  • Mehndi (Henna) has been in use in beauty rituals, traditional and beautification customs since ancient times. History depicts its usage since the stone age and it has religious importance in almost every religion. It is the oldest documented natural cosmetic known to man that has various medicinal properties and is now being used on a big scale in almost every country around the globe as a natural hair dye and much more.It has widely been used to decorate the human body with desired temporary patterns. Henna gives stunning impressions of dark red and reddish-brown color on human skin with an advantage that a new pattern can be enjoyed on the same skin after the first impression fades and disappears after two to three weeks with no adverse effects on the skin. Its range of uses go as far as taking advantage of its medicinal properties while aiming for beautification. Its usage is painless and its application gives a cool and soothing feel for the skin.Application Technique
    • Pour the Jamila Henna powder into a bowl.
    • Gradually incorporate warm water and mix it to form a paste.
    • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave the paste at room temperature for a couple of hours; for best results leave the paste overnight.
    • Apply the paste on the desired area and let it dry.
    • Wash away the paste once it is completely dry.

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