Henna Powder Jamila (Body Art Quality) 100Gms


Henna Powder Jamila (Body Art Quality) 100Gms

Jamila Henna is a very popular brand in the whole world, mainly because of its quality. It is made from very fine henna leaves, famous for its extra softness that makes its application easier. Jamila Henna is available in two qualities

  • Body Art Quality
  • Hair Quality
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  • Uses of Henna Powder

Mehndi (Henna) has been in use in beauty rituals and customs since ancient times. History depicts its usage since Stone Age and it has religious importance in almost every religion. It is the oldest documented cosmetic and now being used on big scale in almost every country of the globe.

Apart from its traditional use i.e. hair dyeing and hair conditioning; it is widely been used to decorate human body with desired temporary patterns. Henna gives stunning impressions of dark red and reddish brown colour on human skin with an advantage that a new pattern can be enjoyed on the same skin after the first impression fades and disappears after two to three weeks. It is not painful at all and gives a cool and soothing feel, kills dandruff, stops falling of hair and leaves refreshing fragrance due to its natural properties. It is a proven natural hair conditioner with having no side effects. Moreover, its regular use prevents hair from falling as it’s the best and natural source of killing dandruff which is the main source of hair fall.

Application Technique

  • Pour the Jamila Henna powder into a bowl.
  • Gradually incorporate warm water and mix it to form its paste.
  • Cover the paste with plastic wrap and leave the paste at room temperature for couple of hours, for best results leave the paste overnight.
  • Apply the paste on your desired area and let it dry.
  • Wash away the paste once it is completely dry.

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