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Our Products

Body Art Quality

Jamila Henna is a popular brand throughout the world, mainly due to its unmatched quality standards. Very fine henna leaves are refined and further used to process it. It is famous for its extra softness that makes its application easier. Jamila Henna is available in two variants.

Hair Quality

Mehndi (Henna) has been used for beautification in customs and rituals since ancient times. History depicts its usage since stone age and it has religious importance in most religions. It is the oldest documented cosmetic and is now being used at an extensive scale around the globe.

Musk Amber

From the time of Pharaohs of the Egypt till date, Musk has remained the king component in perfumery. Natural Musk, unfortunately, is too expensive and out of reach of a common man whereas our Amber Solid and Amber Concrete are made from using a unique combination.

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